$440 / MONTH 

A flexible membership. You'll spend Monday heads-down on the quiet mezzanine; Wednesday amidst the hustle and bustle of the main floor, and Friday ringing in the weekend at member happy hour. All the Covo amenities. All the freedom you can handle.

Dedicated Desk

$560 / Month

A desk of your own. Maybe you have a big monitor and tons of paper files (it’s okay that you still have them!) or you just want some room to stretch out with your own stuff. You get a locking cabinet, your own desk and chair and nameplate.

Private Office

From $840 / Month

Your own slice of Covo. The Covo community, your own four walls, and a locking door. Plus a filing cabinet and signage. No need to schlep stuff back and forth each day. No need to keep your shoes on while you work.

NPO/Mission Driven

discounts available

Your mission is our mission. Covo seeks to empower non-profit and mission-aligned organizations that enrich our community. Steep discounts are available to all suitable organizations for all membership types at Covo.

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Work. Life. Balanced. It’s not just a tagline, it’s the main organizing principle for Covo. That’s why we’ve put just as much thought into our life enhancements as we have for our work amenities.

Work Features
Life Enhancements