Frequently Asked Questions

Is Covo open to the public? ⇢

Absolutely. Our Equator coffee shop, hourly coworking lounge ($4/hour) and tap room are open to the public from 8AM-7PM, our event space is often active in the evening. Stop on by! And if you love the space and want to work here all the time, ask us for a tour of our monthly member floors.
What's the deal, are you a coworking space, a café or a tap room? ⇢

We're all of the above!

When we decided to open Covo, we looked at coworking spaces around the world (including those we started) to get a sense of what members wanted out of their workplace.

What we realized is that people want more than just a workplace – they want a seamless experience that reflects how they actually live their lives.

So we’re starting with the nucleus of a full-service coworking space and incorporating a coffee shop, café and tap room. We take food and beverage very seriously, which is why we worked with Matt Semmelhack of Bon Marche, AQ, and TBD to create our café concept, sourced the best local tea from Leaves and Flowers, coffee from Equator, and beer and wine from around the country.

We plan on going even further in future locations to incorporate a gym, spa, full-service restaurants, and even residences.
Historically, I thought this neighborhood was pretty dodgy. What’s the story? ⇢

The neighborhood is turning over incredibly quickly. When we moved to the city a decade ago, we steered clear of the mid-market neighborhood. And even when we started looking for space at the end of 2014, we didn’t think we’d end up here. But boy, has this neighborhood transformed! So much so, in fact, that we’ve put together a map of our block’s transformation because it is just too much change to list.

Gone are the cash-for-gold exchanges and pawn shops. The last sex toy shop on the block is due to be replaced by a 150 unit residential hotel shortly. Burma Superstar is opening a restaurant right next door. The Mint has finally gone from long-dormant blight to Super Bowl-headlining event space. And the 5M development project is due to transform the rest of our block over the next couple of years with office space, residences, and over 50,000 square feet of public parks. We’re very excited to be part of this transformation.
I’d like to take a tour. Will you show me around? ⇢

Sure! Schedule a tour here.
What does a Covo Monthly Membership include? ⇢

So much!

Not only do you have phone booths, unlimited printing, and extremely fast internet, but you also get Member-Only perks, such as full access to Covo 24/7, free meeting room use, mail service, Covo member-only discounts on food and libations, access to the Covo Member Portal, by-invitation-only special member events and more.
Ok I’m in, how do I become a Covo Monthly Member? And what do I do if I want to stop being a monthly member? I DON’T LIKE FEELING TRAPPED!! ⇢

Well, you already found our website, so you’ve completed step one. Good work! Now all you have to do is choose a Covo Monthly Membership Plan that best suits your needs.

That’s really all it takes. Covo Monthly Memberships are all month-to-month, whether they’re for Open Seating, a Dedicated Desk or a Private Office.

Stopping your membership is just as easy as starting it. All you do is let us know before you plan to leave -- 30 days before leaving. We have no termination penalties, and you’re welcome back any time.
Tell me more about your Private Offices? ⇢

Covo’s Private Office Memberships include everything the Covo Open Seating Membership includes. But in addition, you get a furnished office that includes a desk, chair, and lockable filing cabinet.

You can feel free to personalize your office to your heart’s content, so long as you don’t do anything to it that you can’t reverse prior to vacating the space.

Covo Private Offices come in one-to-six-person sizes. They are billed on a per-person basis according to our price list. Ask a member of our team to see if a Private Office the size you need is available.
What areas of Covo are soundproofed? Will sound from the main floor disturb me while I’m working? ⇢

Covo has 6 sound isolated meeting rooms, 4 on our main floor and two member-only break-out rooms on the lower level. We are also proud to provide you with 13 1- or 2- person private soundproof phone booths (13) throughout the building. Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to wait for a phone booth when you have a call to make. Our private offices are acoustically isolated from the rest of the member areas.
I see you have meeting rooms. How do those work? ⇢

Just like every other Covo service, meeting rooms can be booked through the Covo Member Management Portal. The portal will tell you when meeting rooms are available, how much they cost, and how to secure one. Meeting Rooms are bookable by the public on BAU, Peerspace, and Liquid Space.
How will my guests know Covo is a workplace and not just a café? ⇢

In designing Covo, we worked to make absolutely sure that our retail elements would only enhance, and not detract from, the coworking experience. That’s why the first thing you see when you come into Covo is the coworking reception desk and guest waiting area. The desk is staffed during business hours and names of our member companies are proudly displayed. The fact that you’ll be able to use our amenities to cater morning or evening meetings only adds to your guests’ positive impression of where you work.
Where can I park around there? ⇢

If you can’t find street parking, which isn’t too hard to come by around Covo, we’re located only one block from the largest (and cheapest!) parking garage in the city, the Fifth & Mission Parking Garage. We’re also conveniently located a block-and-a-half from Powell BART and MUNI Station, and even closer to countless bus lines.
I see people going upstairs and downstairs. What’s there? ⇢

If you’ve only hung out on Covo’s Main Floor, you’re missing out on one of our greatest features: two Member-only floors.

Our member floors are RFID-secured area accessible to Covo monthly members. They have private offices, dedicated desks, open seating, meeting rooms, lounge areas, a member kitchen and other special amenities.
I want a phone in my office too. Doable? ⇢

We provide unlimited domestic VOIP services in our private offices for $50/month, with extra for international calling. Let us know you want a phone and we’ll get that taken care of for you.
Can I bring my dog? Please? ⇢

Yes you may! No need to beg. Sit. Stay...

Due to health department concerns, no pets are allowed on Covo’s Main Floor, with the exception of service animals. We love dogs, but we also love beer and food that are entirely devoid of dog hair, so we feel like that’s fair.

On our member floors, however, dogs are free to apply--just like their human counterparts--and must follow the same guidelines. This includes:

We have what we call a Three-Bark Policy, which is strictly enforced for the sanity of your fellow members.

Human members do rank over dog members (slightly), so if a human is allergic and needs a dog-free zone, your canine buddy’s membership may be revoked.

In a nutshell, if we can accommodate your best friend, we’d love for you to be able to bring your dog to work. It’s absolutely wonderful for you, us, and the other members to have furry creatures around.
Can I just drop in and work at Covo or do I need a monthly membership? ⇢

Covo is proud to say that we’re the first coworking company in the country (we think) to offer both hourly and monthly coworking services.

If you want to stop in for an hour or two, all you have to do is swipe a credit card at the Covo Pass app on our front counter and head into the hourly coworking lounge. Then swipe that card again on your way out to be charged $4/hour for the time you spent with us.

Every seat there has outlets and wifi, and the lounge also 5 phone rooms.
How many Covo locations are there? ⇢

Right now, Covo is in San Francisco and St. Louis, however we’re expanding soon to other locales!

If there isn’t a Covo in your city yet, check back in in a few months and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Email us to let us know where we should open next.

You can also sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll keep you updated on exciting developments at Covo. No spam, we promise.
I love Covo but I’ve gotten too big for your offices. Do you have any larger offices or, alternatively, grief counseling to help me come to grips with leaving? ⇢

Unfortunately, at this time we top out at 10-person teams.

If you have to leave, we’ll be sad, but we understand. It’s exciting to see our members flourish, so frankly this is a problem that we like to have.

BUT, we still want to see your face around here as often as possible, so come back and visit!