Everything we do at Covo is driven by 6 core values of what we want Covo to be.

They drive how we relate to Covo clients as well as Covo employees. All Covo staff, from barista to CEO are held accountable for keeping Covo true to those values, and we look for members that embody them as well.

Awesome. This word covers a lot of our beliefs. Like being tenacious, fearless, hungry, action-oriented, sustainable, and constantly striving for excellence. We hold ourselves to a very high bar, and expect our team and members to do so as well.

Community-focused. We LOVE our members, guests, and team like family. We respect and appreciate differences, and work towards win/win outcomes.

Empowering. Clarity of purpose, ease of feedback, and sharing the “why” we do things keeps everyone on the same page and moving forward together.

Inclusive. Everyone belongs at Covo. That’s why so much of Covo is open to the public. We are respectful, authentic, empathetic, and a combination of humble and proud.

Systems-driven. We believe in as seamless, positive and smooth an experience as possible for everyone. Look to the system for what needs iteration, and stay flexible. Keep improving.

Transparent. Companies and communities – and Covo is both – flourish when everyone is open and honest. We will always be honest and transparent with our members, guests, and team.