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TaiwanRocksSF Demo Day

Taiwan Startup Stadium and Covo are proud to present:

#TaiwanRocksSF Demo Day 2018!

On Saturday, September 8 from 2pm-4pm, head down to Covo co-working space to check out 8 awesome Taiwanese startups and how they’re disrupting everything from waste management to unmanned aerial vehicles to cycling workouts.

Whether you’re an investor, tech enthusiast, or just a curious observer, join us to get to know the latest tech trends in Taiwan and network with like-minded individuals.

See you on September 8th! #TaiwanRocksSF

***note: First 30 people to arrive at the venue will receive free drink tickets.



13:30-14:00 | Registration

14:00-14:15 | Opening & TSS Intro

14:15-14:45 | Startup Pitch

14:45-16:00 | Networking

16:00-16:30 | Closing



AetherAI is a comprehensive web platform using AI-powered histopathology image analysis and deep learning training to create a deployment pipeline

Dipp is a smart SaaS platform that automates the creation of marketing creative across all digital channels.

Digital Twin creates a medically accurate virtual model of the human anatomy, allowing medical students and patients to explore their own bodies in VR for educational purposes

HackMD is a knowledge management tool integrated with Github for software developer teams providing real-time markdown rendering and blazing-fast collaboration

SkyREC helps in-store retailers better understand shopper behavior and optimizes their operations through its AI platform

Topology provides software and hardware solution for "UAV", currently providing environmental monitoring and telecommunication/security application.

TWO measures the real-time fill level of waste containers and sends the data to the cloud to optimize waste management

Velodash is a social cycling platform where you not only find routes and people to ride with but also connect to sensors to capture and visualize performance data