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Co-creation: An Emerging Pradigm

A conversation and activation with Jessica Kung Dreyfus
6-7pm Conversation
7-8pm Activation: Co-creating a space together

A new way of being is evolving, and while it is not mainstream yet, it will soon push out our current way of doing things and become the dominant set of practices. This emerging paradigm is a transformation of the existing story about creative processes. This new way of being - co-creation, co-working, and collaboration - is actively disrupting multiple creative industries; the ways in which things are designed, produced, and even the process of developing new ideas. The old image of the solitary genius with a light bulb over their head is becoming a thing of the past, and the processes of co-creation are forcing a shift in our contemporary culture. It is changing how art is being made, how companies are being structured, and how spaces are being built. 

You are invited to join a curated conversation and activation. In the activation we are going to tap into the pulse of co-creation and generate the foundational geometry that embodies the spirit of our contemporary landscape.

Limited to 20 spaces, please RSVP by FB messaging Jessica!