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Ninja Digital Tools Workshop with Andreas Mueller


Using Ninja Digital Tools to determine your TRUE digital competitors and unearth hidden gold nuggets of their inner workings


Understanding and learning how to react to the competitive landscape can mean life or death for your company. Truly grasping your competitors means immersing yourself into their worlds. Comprehending their languages and being aware of their cultures. Delving into their DNA.

Harness existing digital toolsets and the data they provide to help you create a holistic picture of your competitive ecosystem. Dig deep and find out what is really tanking place behind the public screen of your rivals’ online presence.

This session will introduce you to tools you didn’t know existed. You will learn to use these secret avenues as well as conventional approaches to uncover your competitors strategies.

Are you revamping your website? Are you considering an M&A strategy? Does your marketing staff need external signals to justify their budgets? Do you need to keep a close eye on your competitive landscape? Then this session is for you.


· Never look at competitors the same way again. Using specific example, you will learn how peek behind the curtain

· Learn how to use stealth digital tools that provide stunning insights to your hypothetical Competitive Intelligence (CI) questions:

o Uncover historical trends: What was their product offering one year ago? Which solutions did they feature before the acquisition in 2012?

o Expose current focuses: Which marketing automation systems are they using? Where is their social media focus? Which sensitive or revealing questions are being asked about them?

o Monitor future directions: What is their content strategy? Why are they ramping up their video channel and e-books?

· Master gathering data and creating actionable activities that will make an immediate difference for your CI effort


Andreas is the co-founder and strategist behind Bloofusion, an online marketing agency. Andreas frequently participates in seminars and moderates panels that focus on digital marketing. Event and conferences include: the American Marketing Association, the SVAMA Marketing Series, WebGuild Annual Conference, the Business Marketing Association, SD Forum, Lighthouse Venture Forum and various Fortune 1000 firms. Andreas is the author of Search Engine Marketing for Decision Makers as well as International SEO and is pioneering high-yield growth hacking via conversion rate optimization and digital Competitive Intelligence. Bloofusion has offices in California and Germany.

Andreas served as VP of Promotions on the American Marketing Association Board (Silicon Valley), Vice Chairperson of Leadership Santa Cruz and member of Webguild Silicon Valley and the CMO Council as well as the Global Committee of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). He has a bachelor's degree from Alma College (Michigan) and a master's degree from the University of California, Davis.