Founding a company with strangers is fine. But founding a company with family seemed like a lot more fun.

Rebecca Brian Pan

Rebecca is an internationally recognized boss in the world of coworking. As co-founder and COO of NextSpace, she helped grow a one-unit startup into a nationwide, nine-unit industry leader ranked #1 in the country in 2014. She is a tireless 7X serial entrepreneur, with a bicoastal graphic design firm, children's literacy non-profit, design association, and coworking on her list of successful ventures.

She credits her entrepreneurial spirit to the belief that if it doesn't exist and should, we should make it happen. Together. Now. Rebecca graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, and thanks Penn for instilling in her an early love of business, entrepreneurship and adult beverages.
Daniel Brian

Daniel has more than eight years of experience providing legal counsel to corporate clients ranging in size from Fortune 100 companies to startups. Daniel is an expert in corporate contracts, commercial zoning and development, corporate structuring, fundraising, real estate, and government relations. He is in charge of all legal, financial, and operational issues for Covo. This is not because he lost a bet and had to take on all of the driest parts of starting a company, but because he actually likes those things!

Dan earned a Juris Doctor from Columbia Law School and a Bachelor of Science from Penn State, then worked for 7 years at nationally-acclaimed firm Beveridge & Diamond before we stole him, his beautiful brain, and his hilarious sense of humor.
Jason Pan

Jason has set the standard for coworking technology. He developed seamless network environments for prominent coworking companies including Galvanize, NextSpace, Campus and ECO-SYSTM. He is the founder of FixSwift, a Bay Area IT firm that supports many of the companies you know well.

Jason has more than 10 years of experience setting up and supporting bar and restaurant technology. He is also a consumate foodie, and travels the world with a mangia tutti (eat everything) attitude. It can be at the fanciest or diviest of locales, can still be moving, and can be upwards of 4,000,000 scoville units (also known as the spiciest food available).


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