Hourly Coworking Made Easy

Your customer swipes a credit card upon entering, again when leaving, and their card is automatically charged for the elapsed time. That’s it.

It’s a seamless way to capture additional revenue for your coworking space.

Image block (possibly grid) of white labeled Covo Pass versions.

Customize Covo Pass For Your Space

We've opened 10 coworking spaces and worked with dozens more, so we know each space is different. That's why we made Covo Pass highly customizable to provide an hourly revenue solution for any shared workspace. Covo Pass includes:

  1. Full white-labeling
  2. Multi-location support
  3. Fully customizable pricing and text
  4. Advanced reporting

Quick, Intuitive Setup

Four steps to unlocking this new revenue stream:

  1. Order your Covo Pass kit (secure card reader included)
  2. Download the Covo Pass app on your iPad
  3. Link your Stripe account
  4. Customize text, logo, and pricing for your space