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Fashion Technologists Meet & Greet

This is a brand spanking new meetup group.  For our first gathering, we're having a casual meet and greet at Covo.  We'd love to say hello, get to know you, and chat about upcoming opportunities with our meetup group as well as ways to participate in the community!


The Fashion Industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world; second only to crude oil.  Its impact is felt around the world in our social systems, economic systems, ecosystems, and our daily lives.  We spend most waking moments in clothing, but we are frequently bombarded by messages reminding us of its superficiality.  For this reason, it has become easy to ignore the industry that wears itself at the surface of our skin.

The good news is, technology is changing the way we buy, sell, and wear fashion. The Fashion Technologists Meetup was created to bring a community together to discuss the successes and challenges ahead in integrating new technologies in the fashion industry.

In future events, we will bring in speakers to discuss the following developments as they pertain to the fashion industry:

Worn Technologies (ie: Wearables, E-textiles, Sensors, Textiles Technology, Wearable Batteries)

Manufacturing (ie: New Processes, Robotics and Automation, Exoskeletons, Soft Robotics, Blockchain for Supply Chain, CAD Tools, Fit Customization)

VR/AR (ie: Virtual Try-on, Body Scanning, Configurators)

Machine Learning, AI, and Computer Vision (ie: Fit Matching, Visual Search)

Retail Technology (ie: Smart Mirrors, Interactive Displays)


Earlier Event: July 17
Trivia Night*
Later Event: July 24
Trivia Night*