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SF Drop-In A Cappella - #4!*

Everyone attending this event wants to sing a cappella:

  • Some of you are already in groups! 
  • Some of you want to start your own group! 
  • Some of you just want a casual place to sing! 

We're going to sing together, and then, figure out how best to keep singing together.

6:30-7pm: Happy Hour Mixer (Covo has a wine/beer bar!)
7-7:15pm: Warmups and Introductions
7:20-7:50pm: "I Feel Good" by James Brown
7:50-8:10pm: [break / drink / connect!]
8:10-8:15pm: Guest Performance
8:15-8:50pm: "Let It Be" by The Beatles
8:50-9:00pm: Wrap-up onsite
9:00pm: Walk over to Powell MUNI and perform both songs live as a busking performance!
9:15pm: Disband


*LImited hourly coworking available. Please call for more information.