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San Francisco APIs & IPAs

API's and IPA's (APIIPA) is back!  After a great inaugural event in January, we're excited to return to Covo and host Sacramento based Big Stump Brewery and Cisco Systems.   

 This special APIIPA will feature;

• Delicious hand crafted beer from Big Stump 

• A preview of the DEVNET Create conference

• Hands on with Cisco's award winning Spark Board.  

• Lightning talks 

Big Stump

Big Stump is an amazing brewery out of Sacramento, famous for its CA State Fair winning double IPA.  Big Stump produces a variety of amazing beers and we're lucky enough to have co-founder and brewmaster, Alex Larrabee joining us.  We'll be featuring the famous award winning double IPA as well as a little surprise that is just about to be released!    


For the first time ever, Cisco's developer network or "DEVNET" is hosting its own conference!  DEVNET Create is the IoT conference where applications meet infrastructure. Come join the brightest IoT, cloud, and enterprise developers as we bring clarity to the blurred lines between infrastructure and applications. 

Our developer network is unique in the fact that Cisco works with so many different areas and aspects of technology.  We don't just work on helping you program an IoT device... We help you provision it, secure it, host it and optimize it!  Our developers know how all of the parts fit together and they want to share that expertise with you! They've run into the problems and created solutions using the unmatched knowledge and resources available to Cisco.  Come by APIIPA to get a sneak preview of Create, and hear from some of the same speakers that will be appearing at the event (announcements to follow). 


Cisco has also just installed one of its brand new 4K Spark Boards at Covo and we're excited for you to come check it out!  The Spark Board was built with team collaboration in mind and is our all-in-one device for secure video conferencing, white boarding, video and audio calls, and presentations! Cisco is honored to have just received the Red Dot design Award for "extraordinary innovative design."

Christie Abel from the Cisco team will be there to tell you all about the Cisco Spark board and how you can use it to improve collaboration on your team!   

Lightning Talks

Michael Todd from Epoch will be speaking about securing Spark Bots.    

Covo member, Springer Nature will be talking about their own API and how they use it to provide quality content.   

We look forward to seeing everyone and want you to get home safely. Please arrange for a sober ride home or plan on taking a Rideshare service, Muni or BART.